Merchants' Cryptocurrency


Digital Money Bits (DMB) is conceptualized to support the Merchant Community by dramatically speeding up transactions as well as reducing charges for sending and receiving payments, with the added bonus of offering monetary rewards and commissions.

Development Plan

- Replace the old DMB with new DMB which has simpler algorithms.
- Contact reputable exchanges that will list DMB and make the coins available to more traders and enthusiasts.
- Introduce the coin to the community by providing bounties and air drops, particularly for Merchants
- Engage in Massive Crypto Educational Marketing Campaigns for online and offline Merchants.
- Look for more exchanges to make DMB available now to a bigger trading community.
- Evaluation of supply and demand after its halving to determine if the coin supply should be burned or swapped.
- Continuous development by introducing new technology for security purposes and to provide more value to the coin.
- Allocate a sustainable amount to chosen charities.
- Create crypto awareness among Merchants and encourage them to use DMB to foster a continuous demand for the coin.

Coin Specification

Digital Money Bits (DMB) is a Free Open Source Project derived from Bitcoin, with the goal of providing a long-term, energy efficient, scrypt-based cryptocurrency. Built on the foundation of Bitcoin, PPCoin and NovaCoin, innovations such as proof-of-stake help to further advance the field of cryptocurrencies.

Algorithm: Scrypt
Coin name: Digital Money Bits
Coin abbreviation: DMB
Address Letter: D
RPC Port: 35098
P2P Port: 35097
Block Reward*: 100 coins
POW: 30 DMB per block.
POS: PoS starts at 10,001 Blocks
POS Reward: 12 % per Year
Coin Supply: 131,000,000 coins
Stake Min Age: 8 hours
Required for MN: 100,000 DMB
Block Explorer

Here is a Tentative Roadmap:



+ Roadmap
+ Swap
+ Website
+ Whitepaper
+ Masternodes
+ More exchanges


+ Better designed wallet
+ Mac wallet
+ Android and ios wallet
+ Coinpayments
+ More exchanges (bittrex)
+ Marketing campaigns


+ Cart integration (woocommerce)
+ More merchants and partnerships
+ More marketing campaigns (maybe events and sponsorships)
+ More wallet and coin improvements
+ Review progress and develop roadmap for 2019



Buy/Trade New DMB coin in below Exchanges: Coinscontrol Crex24 Octaex

More Exchanges Coming Soon...